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Frequently Asks Questions

  1. Holstein: A dairy breed known for high milk production.
  2. Angus: A beef breed known for its meat quality and tenderness.
  3. Hereford: Another beef breed, recognizable by its white face and red body.
  4. Brahma: A breed of cattle used both for beef and dairy production.
  1. Merino: A breed of sheep prized for its fine wool.
  2. Suffolk: A breed of sheep known for its meat production.
  3. Dorset: A breed of sheep that is adaptable and used for both meat and wool production.
  4. Romney: A breed of sheep used for both meat and wool production, known for its long staple length of wool.
  1. Regular brushing to remove dirt and debris from their coats and to prevent matting.
  2. Trimming of hooves regularly to prevent overgrowth and foot problems.
  3. Cleaning of the eyes and ears to prevent infections and maintain hygiene.
  4. Providing proper nutrition to maintain their health and skin/coat condition.
  5. Bathing when necessary, using appropriate shampoos and avoiding water that is too hot or cold.

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